How to Block A Program from Accessing the Internet with Windows Firewall

This post might be very useful to you if you have some applications on your pc that you do not want to access the internet. There are certain software maybe in genuine or expired and you wish to use it while connected to the internet. But you can’t use it with the internet because it will suspend you due to license or keys.

how to block program from internet

Although you generally want your applications to have free access to the network (after all what good is a web browser that can’t reach the web) there are a variety of situations in which you may wish to prevent an application from accessing the network.

Whatever your reason, this will help you block certain software from accessing the internet . in this case, i used Corel Draw as the program i do not want to access the internet while i am working online.

How to block any app from accessing the internet with system Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Go to your system Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
1 Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.

windows firewall

2 Click on “Inbound Rules“.

windows inbound rules

3 Right Click on corel draw and click “Disable Rule“

disable in inbound rule

4 Select Corel Draw x7, it can be any edition of corel draw. Click on “New Rule“.

windows inbound rules

5 Select “Programs” and click on Next.

New inbound rule wizard

6 “This program path” click on Browse and locate where corel draw is installed. Corel draw default install location is C:/Program Files/Corel/Programs64/CorelDRW.exe

inbound rules to block internet

7 Click “Block this connection” which is block corel draw from accessing the internet.

block the connection

8 Give your new rule a name. You can give your new rule any name of your choice.

inbound rule naming

Now you are done with blocking your program from accessing the internet. You will see that this method is simple but there are other methods which is coming soon too. If you have issues, you may leave a comment or you have something to add… Please do.

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