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Wondering what APN is? APN is short of Access Point Name and provides a phone with the information needed to connect to wireless service (internet). This enables your phone to browse the internet and use your apps via internet

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How To Set Up Glo Internet Service On Your Phone

There are two ways of doing this. It can either be automatic or manually.

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Automatic Glo Configuration

The first which is automatic way is to send a text message:

  1. Send your PHONENAME to 927. example is: Tecno C9 to 927 or Samsung S7 to 927.


With your Glo sim, Text the word “ACTIVATE” via SMS to 444.

Save the settings message sent to you and you are good to go. But when this method fails due to some unforeseen reasons, then the manual configuration will come in handy.

Manual GLO APN (internet) Configuration

To b on the go using your GLO to access internet on your smartphone, the following settings are needed.

  • Go to your Phone Settings
  • Navigate to Mobile Network
  • Then click on the Access Point Names
  • Create new APN;
  • Enter Glo flat or Glo HSI
  • APN: Gloflat
  • Username : flat or leave blank (both works)
  • Password: flat or leave blank (both works)
  • Authentication type: PAP or CHAP
  • See screenshot below: Save Settings
glo apn settings

To activate the APN settings, just select it.

You may need to restart the device if it does not show your internet sign. This works magic.

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