How to activate DND on Glo

Do you receive lots of unsolicited promotional messages or calls that you have no control over on your Glo mobile number? Then the Glo DND service is what you need to adopt on your Glo mobile number to help solve.

how to activate dnd on glo network

Dnd is an acronym for Do Not Disturb, it is a service enforced by the NCC (Nigeria communication commission) on all telecommunication services in Nigeria to grant customers access to stop or block all unsolicited promotional messages and calls that interrupt their daily activities.

However harmless these messages and calls might seem to be, they can be very annoying, especially when you are fully engaged with the daily activities or when you are expecting an important call or message.

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The Glo DND allows you to manage unsolicited messages and discreet calls from third parties.
To activate dnd on Glo, follow the following procedure


The Glo DND provides you with two options:

1. Partial DND

The partial DND allows you to subscribe to some notifications you are interested in and it also allows you to opt-out of the ones you do not have an interest in

2. Full DND

The full DND allows you to fully deactivate or opt-out of all promotional notifications, which means you won’t receive any promotional messages or call.

The first thing you need to get started is to decide whether or not you want to opt-in for the partial DND or the full DND.

To activate full DND on Glo

• Simply send “STOP” to 2442
• Once activated, a message indicating that your deactivation is successful will be sent to your Glo number.

After this is done, you will no longer receive any discreet calls or messages from third parties.

The partial DND functions on a keyword command.

To activate partial DND on Glo

• Simply send the keyword command of choice to 2442
• Once sent a message indicating that your subscription has been activated will be sent to your Glo number.

To activate partial DND on Glo simply choose any of the keyword commands you want to subscribe to below and send to 2442

1. To receive updates on banking/insurance/financial product
2. For update on real estate
3. Updates on education
4. Health
5. To receive updates on consumer goods and automobile
6. To receive notification on communication/broadcasting/entertainment/IT
7. To receive information on tourism and leisure
8. For updates on sport
9. Religion
9a. Christianity
9b. Islam
9c. Others
10. Updates on new products/service
11. News alertIn summary, the Glo DND is a service available to everyone and it is totally free, have any additional information on how to activate DND? please use the comment section.

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