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Abuse is a very uncommon conversation to have in our society at large today. A narrative has been sold to us that abuse or being abused isn’t something that is to be heard about. Not everyone knows that children are the greatest casualty of emotional and physical abuse
in the home. When abused, a child develops low self-esteem and negative self-image which in the long run affects interaction with society.

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SCARRED is a thrilling 37-minute short film by Oma Vanessa about the exploits of a Bipolar girl plagued with unfortunate events of her past. She makes it her mission to rid the world of “irresponsible” men, one murder at a time.


  • Sophia Alakija
  • Kalu Ikeagwu
  • Eso Dike
  • Jasmine Olarotimi.

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In our society today, you hear people say, “He/she has been abused years ago, why are they talking about it now?” or “She’s married to him, he has a right over her body! That’s not abuse.”

In a community where the abused and their stories are treated as last on the list of important things, there are still people trapped in the cage of hurt and pain caused by abuse. I envision a world where people who say they are abused aren’t first asked what they did to
make their abuser upset or provoked but rather celebrated for their bravery to speak up. A society that doesn’t encourage people to stay in abusive relationships because of the belief that separation or divorce is worse than being abused.

Let’s create a community that makes people comfortable and bold enough to leave abusive relationships with the hope of being received by the arms of a supportive community.

Scarred Movie Now Out on YouTube – @ OVA MEDIA

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