How To Increase The Web Browsing Time Of Your Visitors

Navigation time is an indicator that you should consider to measure the success of your website. Presently, it is unlikely that a user will stay a site for minutes if he is not interested in the first place. So the browsing time or duration of your users’ visit can be an interesting indicator to verify.

If they stay on your site for long, it means that your site possesses an element of their interest and greater opportunities are generated for visitors to become subscribers or customers.

There are certain strategies that you can use to increase the minutes of the visit of your users and we mention them in this article:

1 Improve readability

Readability is an essential feature of any great web design because if users cannot read or distinguish the content, it makes no sense that they visited your website in the first place. Readability is usually associated with the text you use and several factors can affect readability:

Background: As background on a website, you can use flat colors, photographs or texts. And in all these cases, you must take into account the contrast between the background and the color of the font. If the contrast between the two is not high, there may be readability problems.

Size: The source size is also essential to determine readability. If it is too small, it will not be visible and if it is too large, problems can be created when reading long texts. Using large fonts is a common trend when it comes to titles, but for body text, it is better to use a lower size and not experiment with sizes.

Font: The characteristics of the font itself are also determinants in its readability. For title and text bodies, sans serif or serif fonts are usually chosen. Experimental fonts that have very similar characters and can be easily confused are avoided altogether.

2 Use quality images

The images, whether they are photographs, illustrations or icons, are content that captures the attention of your visitors. Particularly on a website, users expect to find images in larger and smaller sizes to make the experience and navigation more enjoyable.

But the images not only have the power to attract the attention of your visitors, but they can also reinforce the message to be transmitted and even connect with your audience if you use a title interesting enough for your audience.

Both the resolution of the images and the selection process must be optimal so that they fulfill their function on the website and are not limited to being a purely aesthetic or decorative element.

3 Place trust indicators

A website with a great design is the first indicator of confidence for your visitors that the company is serious and professional. But it is not enough for them to trust the company at all. In many cases, it will be necessary to add other elements that allow increasing the confidence of visitors towards the company. Some of these elements are pages or information that is considered standard in every site, so you must be careful when designing and writing the text. Next, we mention some of these elements:

About Us: This page is placed on every website and, as the name implies, offers basic information about the company such as its field, its mission, and vision, as well as a brief history.

Testimonials: The testimonies of satisfied customers are another factor that generates confidence in visitors, particularly if they come from an influential person in the industry or some other recognized company.

Press mentions or awards: Place the awards that the company has won or if it has been mentioned in some sort of classification or criticism in print or digital media, be sure to indicate it somewhere on your website.

Social networks: Integrating your website with social networks to show the number of followers or the latest comments where your company has been tagged or mentioned may be another element that allows you to build trust in your visitors.

4 Add a blog section

Establishing a blog is a technique that many companies use to create a base of readers, followers and to increase the possibility of repeated visits. Additionally, with a blog section, it is easier to place a form to collect email accounts, the first step in implementing an email marketing strategy.

It is clear that if you have content of interest to your users and it is accessible for free, then visitors will not hesitate to read some entries that they consider especially valuable.

It is not always possible to implement this strategy because you must take into account whether you can publish continuously or hire freelance collaborators to write issues related to your brand.

5 Optimize your 404 pages

Error 404 also known as “Not Found” is an HTTP status code that indicates that the requested resource could not be located. It usually happens when the link has been removed or did not exist in the first place. As an example, it occurs a search is performed based on keywords within the website, but that search does not return any results. However, these types of errors can frustrate the user and the chances of closing the browser tab are high.

There are two steps that you should consider about these types of errors. First of all, you should customize your 404 error page to suit the brand and to present a series of options such as returning to the home page, visiting other links of interest within the site or suggesting other keywords related to the search. Secondly, you should prevent the 404 error from appearing when a link has been permanently moved. That is, the 404 error only appears when the requested resource does not exist. You must monitor all 404 errors on your website, a task that can be done from Google Webmaster. Then, you must organize these requests and verify which pages have been permanently moved to create a redirection to the new URLs.

In conclusion

As we have already mentioned, browsing time is an indicator of the degree of interest that your visitors show towards the content or services offered on a website. With this indicator, you can predict the probability of conversion.

As you have seen, there are additional techniques and precautions you can take to increase this important indicator on your website.

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