Influencer Marketing

We helped provide a results-focused, calculated, and insightful approaches for your social media pages.

Influencer marketing has evolved to not only include traditional celebrities but everyday inspirational and aspirational people. Some of the greatest influencers are industry experts and opinion leaders in their specific niche, such as makeup artists, fashionistas and health and fitness professionals.

Trend #1 to #5

Do you want to trend your product/services as number one on twitter? Or looking to launch your product and need to make noise around it on social media (Twitter)? Look no further as we can help you trend with our wide network of tweeter foot soldiers.

Benefits of an Influencer Marketing for your business

Higher chance of purchase

Sales have been known to increase by over 40% when influencers are employed to post/tweet about a brand or service. IT helps drive organic traffic to the page/website and guaranteed awareness

Hyper-targeting of audience

With influencer marketing strategy, it affords us the means to reach customers and deliver extremely customised messages right where they will most likely see it.

It is lovable & Succesful

The fact that influencer have an influence on certain niche and kind of people, it makes it easy and possible for the ads campaign to get to the targetted audience. People will see it and ad blockers wont hinder it from getting to the desired target audience.

Why you need our Marketing Services

What we consider when choosing an influencer for your brand:

We understand your audience & business goals

Once we understand your target audience and business objectives, we proceed to selecting the type of influencer that fits this category. This enbales us in deciding which influencer to engage and partner with for your campaign.

Originality is important

We work with influencers who convey genuineness when speaking about your brand, services/products.

Influencer selection

We ensure that influencer selection aligns with brands goals and niche. We keep in mind to choose credible influencers with good public image. We ensure  their public (and wherever possible the private) image aligns with yours and take note of what they have shared in the past.

Followers count & Engagement

We put into consideration the rate of engagement because sometimes, followers do not assure engagement. We want the best result for our clients and as such do a statistical analysis of the influencer before engaging them.

Influencer tiers

We take note that Each influencer have their own audience size, average engagement rate and most have their own rate-card. All these are factored into consideration when determining the ROI.

Influencer tiers:

How we can help you?

We can help you develop and implement an influencer marketing strategy as follows:

  • We help develop an influencer marketing strategy for your brand  that channel your brand message to your ideal target audience.
  • We can help connect you to different tiers of Influencers who’s niche and followers align with your brand message.
  • We would perfectly execute your influencer marketing campaign.