Facebook keeps a close eye on what its users are doing on the platform. A Facebook restricted account may be the result of breaking Facebook’s community standards and guidelines.

How to Fix a Facebook Restricted Account?

A limited account can be resolved by filing a complaint with Facebook. Two categories of limitations exist.

  • Facebook Temporary Restriction
  • Facebook Permanent Restriction

Facebook Temporary Restriction

Temporary restrictions apply to limitations placed on a Facebook account, such as limitations on the ability to submit comments or videos.

Action-Blocked fb account

You have two choices if you are subject to a temporary restriction.

  • Wait until the restriction period has expired.
  • Report a complaint to the Facebook administrators.

Step 1: Navigate to your Facebook’s “Help and Report” section.

Step: Tap “Report a Problem”

Step3: Tap “Something Went Wrong”

Step 4: Include information about the problem you’re having and the accompanying photographs in a report to Facebook.

Take Note: Issues with the temporary action restriction can also be reported to Facebook via Messenger live assistance.

Temporary Locked

Additionally, it is a temporary limitation that prevents users from accessing their accounts again.

Step 1: is to visit Facebook’s help page. Link to report something to Facebook.


Step 2: Next, click “Facebook” under “I can’t login to Facebook.” By carrying out the appropriate actions and instructions as outlined in the GIF below, you can further authenticate your identity.


Next, you can remedy the problem by regaining access to your account via a friend or member of your family’s Facebook account.

Step 1: Select the three dots that are displayed beneath your cover image.

Step2: Go to “Find support or report profile”. Next, select “Something Else.”

Step 3: To verify your Facebook identity, click “recover this account” and carry out the suggested actions as described above.

Facebook Permanent Restriction

Your account is disabled is referred to as a permanent limitation. If your account has been disabled, you can follow the procedures below to fix the Facebook Jail or account restriction problem.


Step 1: Access the provided link.

Step 2: Add the necessary information.

Step 3: If your account was improperly disabled or limited, write your complaint.

Be sorry in your statement if the restriction was a result of a violation.

Note: Be succinct, personable, and straightforward while drafting an appeal.

Note: Your account will be permanently banned if you don’t hear back from Facebook for 30 days or more.


Why is access to my Facebook account restricted?

There are various reasons why a Facebook account may be restricted.

  1. sending a lot of phony friend requests to strangers.
  2. distributing offensive and harmful content.
  3. violating Facebook’s rules regarding commerce and advertising.
  4. breaking Facebook’s group and page rules
  5. assuming false identities and pretending to be someone else.

How long will the restriction on my Facebook account last?

Facebook issues a warning as a first offense when users breach its policies and standards.

You receive a strike and your account is restricted from some activities if you continue to violate these rules.

  • Strike 1: warning
  • Strike 2: A one-day ban on publishing and generating content
  • Strike 3: Three-day ban
  • Strike 4: a seven-day ban
  • Strike 5: A 30-day minimum waiting period. You risk having your Facebook account disabled if you keep breaking the social network’s rules.

How Does Facebook Limit Public Figure Accounts?

Facebook has different rules if you are a public figure because they have more power and a larger social following.
A public person may face restrictions on their Facebook account if they are found to have incited or participated in promoting or supporting civil unrest and violence through posts and connections to such people.

Given the seriousness, the restriction may last from one month to two years or possibly result in the deletion of the Facebook account.

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