Nowadays, people have their ATM card lost or stolen and this has been on the high due to economic issues. A lot of people have their account been debited due to their lost or stolen ATM cards. This can be heartbreaking as a lot of life savings might be attached to this accounts. You can Block All Bank ATM Cards without going to queue in the bank.

In this post, we will show you how to Block All Bank ATM Cards easily without delay or waiting for our bank customer service center to help you. We will show you how to block lost ATM card immediately. Even if it is stolen or lost, the process is still the same.

This will help prevent the stolen card from being used for theft and save you your hard earn money in the bank.

What to do immediately you lose your bank ATM card or it is stolen

  1. Dial the account or ATM card block USSD code. We have that covered for almost all banks in Nigeria here
  2. Contact Bank immediately. We have provided contact numbers for blocking card if stolen or lost below
  3. Transfer all funds from your account to another or remove it/block the account from any transaction
  4. Apply for a new ATM card: We all know that 2 ATM cards cant function at the same time.

How To Block Lost ATM Card Immediately In Nigeria

How to Block ATM Card in Nigeria if Stolen or Missing

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1. How To Block First Bank Debit Card

One of Nigeria’s oldest and largest banks, First Bank PLC, has locations all across the country in addition to its headquarters in Lagos. The bank offers numerous types of debit cards to its customers, and in the event that any of these cards are lost or stolen, the fastest ways stop illegal use of the card are listed below:

  1. With your phone, ensure it has the registered SIM associated with the First bank account
  2. Send “BLOCK” to 30012.

Once done, the associated ATM card will be blocked/deactivated and no withdrawal can be made with the card again.

Physically visit any First Bank branch and apply for a new ATM card.

2. How To Block GTBank Debit Card

GTBank has different methods you can use to block your ATM card if it is lost or stolen. It can be via ATM terminals, Internet banking app, Mobile app, SMS banking and or the GTWorld app.

To block your GTB Debit card via SMS,

  1. Send HOTLIST NUBAN to 08076665555 from your registered (SIM) mobile number with GTbank.
  2. Replaced the NUBAN with the 10 digits of your account number linked to the card.

To block your GTB Debit card via Call

You can call the GTConnect using the following contacts. 0700GTConnect (0700482666328), 01-4480000, 08039003900 or 08029002900 to request for instant deactivation of your ATM card.

How To block your GTB Debit card via Internet Banking

You can deactivate/block your debit card, log on to your internet banking profile and block your ATM yourself following the steps below.

  • Click on the Cards icon and then the Card hotlist link
  • Select Card Number and Request Reason
  • Input your secret question answer.
  • Now click Continue and input token generated code after that

Click Submit.

You will get a Pop-up screen option requesting you to confirm the deactivation of your ATM card.

3. How To Block Fidelity Bank ATM Card

The steps to block your Fidelity debit card is enumerated below.

  1. The first thing to do is Dial *770*911# with the registered phone number associated to the Fidelity bank and follow the command prompt.
  2. A list of all your ATM card connected to the account will be displayed and you will be asked to select the particular one you will like to block.

Alternatively, you can contact Fidelity Bank to block your ATM card via email at,

4. How To Block Zenith Bank Debit Card

It’s quite simple to block a Zenith Bank ATM card that has been stolen or misplaced, but in order to do so, you must first download and install the bank’s mobile app. After downloading and installing the app successfully, you must sign into the app, choose “Cards” from the navigation bar, and then choose your card category, which refers to the sort of card you have—either a Mastercard, a Verve, or another category issued.

To proceed, you must enter the authentication code into the app. This is necessary for security reasons. In a matter of minutes, if not seconds, your ATM card will be deactivated.
For further assistance, call them via phone using the following numbers 012787000, 014647000 and 012927000.

5. How To Block Stanbic IBTC Bank ATM Card

  • Simply dial *909# to deactivate a lost or stolen Stanbic IBTC bank ATM card. The card will then be disabled in a couple of minutes by selecting “block card” after selecting “my bank” and then “service request.
  • The alternative is to text Block card NUBAN to 30909 using the registered phone number for the account, then link the account to the card by substituting your account number for NUBAN. Replaced the NUBAN with the 10-digits of your account number Linked to the debit card.

6. How To Block Union Bank ATM Card

Without a doubt, Union Bank is among the best and oldest banks in the nation as well as outside. It is one of the country’s oldest banks with excellent customer service relationships.

To block your Union Bank ATM card

  1. Send a text “BLOCK CARD NUBAN” via SMS to 20123 using the registered phone number linked to the bank account.
  2. You should replace the NUBAN with the 10-digit of your account number.

7. How To Block Access Bank ATM Card

When your Access bank ATM card is lost or stolen, you may quickly deactivate it to prevent unauthorized access to your funds by following the straightforward instructions provided here.

  • If you’ve downloaded their mobile app, you can disable the card using your smartphone.
  • Once you’ve signed up, go to the app’s menu and choose CARDS & Cheques. Choose the Account ATM you want to disable from CARDS’ MANAGE CARDS menu.
  • Your card will subsequently be disabled in a matter of minutes when you receive an authentication code to the phone number associated with your account.
  • For instant deactivation, you can also call 1.800.554.8969 (for people without smart phones).

8. How To Block Keystone Bank ATM Card

In addition to being among the largest and most established banks in Nigeria, Keystone Bank is also one of them. When you lose your ATM card or it is stolen, you can deactivate it right away by emailing the bank at or by calling them at +234 700 2000 3000. The bank provides excellent financial services to its clients.

9. How To Block Sterling Bank ATM Card

Another of Nigeria’s largest banks, Sterling Bank, provides its clients with a variety of cards.

10. How To Block Wema Bank ATM Card

One of Nigeria’s newer generation banks, Wema has many branches and a sizable customer base. It issues a range of cards, including debit cards, to her clients. You would be wise to disable your ATM card using the straightforward instructions given here if you ever lost it or it was stolen.

  • First, you can manually deactivate it via the mobile app or online banking page.
  • Alternatively, you can text CARD ATM OFF to 33352 from the cellphone number associated with your bank account, and it will be immediately removed.

11. How To Block Unity Bank ATM Card

If your Unity Bank ATM card is lost or stolen, you should deactivate it immediately to stop anyone from using it for fraudulent purposes.

  • To get it deactivated automatically, you can call the bank at +2347080666000, +2347057323226, or +2347057323227,
  • Send them an email at, or go to their official website at

12. How To Block UBA ATM Card

You can easily block your lost or stolen UBA Debit Card by doing the following.

  1. If your UBA ATM debit or credit card got stolen or lost, you can easily and quickly deactivate it in Nigeria by dialing *919*10# from the phone number connected to your account.

Alternatively, you can contact UBA to help you block the card by reaching them on 2347002255822 or send an email on

13. How To Block Polaris Bank ATM Card

  • Securely block your card if it is lost, stolen, expired or missing.
  • Dial *833*4# and follow the on-screen prompts to quickly block your debit card.

Why Block an ATM card?

Under adverse conditions, you will need to restrict an ATM card in the manner described below:

  • One of your ATM cards was stolen.
  • if you are unable to locate a lost ATM card. It might be discovered and used improperly by someone else.
  • when an ATM cash withdrawal or internet payment is made without authorization. Contact the bank officials if you haven’t made this transaction from your account.
  • SMS or email notifications about PIN changes, unsuccessful cash withdrawal attempts, failed online payments, etc.

You can avoid losing money by blocking a debit ATM card since a blocked card cannot be used to make online payments, transfer money between ATMs, change PINs, or withdraw cash from them.


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When you have your ATM card stolen, this can be devastating and heartbreaking as theft is not far fetched. Another saving grace is to transfer the money in the account to another account till the issue is resolved.

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