POS Machine

The POS machine business is a fast growing business in Nigeria due to its high profitability. With a large number of his POS merchants in the country, the POS equipment business tends to generate good profits. 

Ever wanted to own a POS Machine?

There are many people who want to withdraw money, and these days the easiest way is through a POS machine. We will be showing you want kind of POS brands have to offer, cost of the POS Machine and their reliability.

Before we go into the list, it is important to know the types of POS machines available to you.

What Types Of POS Machines Exist?

1. POS App

This type of POS is cloud-based. These are app programs that you can download and use on your mobile phone. It is compatible with mobile devices and has all the functionality of a payment machine. These apps can be downloaded to Android and IOS smartphones. 

2. Touch Screen POS

Touchscreen pay stations work with touchscreen devices such as computers and tablets. It has all POS functions and is mainly installed in restaurants and supermarkets. This device may have its own screen. 

3. Mobile Terminals (mPOS)

A mobile POS system, as the name suggests, is a mobile POS terminal. It has all the features of a POS system and also helps make transactions accurate and easy. This equipment is used in various industries and is mainly used by commercial sellers. 

The Top 5 POS Machines In Nigeria


One of the least expensive POS machines available in Nigeria is the Opay Mini. You can purchase this POS device and launch your business for about 8,500 naira. Opay is a mobile platform that offers services that every person needs, including payments, money transfers, loans, savings, and other products.

Over 18 million users of the payment platform have signed up for the app, and there are 500,000 agents in Nigeria. OPay POS machine improves the effectiveness of financial services for millions of users. Opera Norway AS Group established. The program attempts to assist small enterprises in bringing in a consistent income. 

How to obtain an OPay POS Machine and work as an OPay agent

The following general requirements must be fulfilled in order to submit an OPay POS application:

  • BVN.
  • NEPA bill for a utility.
  • Passports are well captured.
  • an ID card that is valid.
  • Your first and last names.
  • Your business’s or shop’s address.


The Nigerian-based startup Fintech company that created Moniepoint POS is currently investing on the continent of Africa as a whole. One POS terminal that accepts payments from your customers with no downtime is Monie Point POS. 

When customers pay at a POS, the money is instantaneously transferred into the operator’s bank account. When clients pay with bank transfers, business owners can receive fast receipts at the point of sale.

All of their payment channels have top-notch security to protect your money from fraud and theft. Businesses that use POS terminals can monitor payments made by walk-in customers. Customers who transfer money through their bank’s app, website, ATM, USSD, branch, or online banking platform can also make fast payments to it.

The Moniepoint POS device is cheap. To become an agent, you must first fulfill their standards. The lengthy procedure of receiving a free POS system can take some time, but if you can’t wait, simply find any of their offices close to you and purchase one for yourself. The cost is 25,000 naira.

How to obtain a Moniepoint POS Machine and work as a Moniepoint agent

  • Above 18 years
  • A Nigerian
  • Responsive and tech-savvy
  • Own a smartphone

3. Nomba

Nomba formerly known as Kudi has a POS Terminal that can swiftly process payments while the user is on the go. Businesses can manage their daily financial transactions thanks to it. Any sort of bank card can be simply accepted by Kudi POS employees.

The POS device is small, portable, stylish, and simple to use. Since it utilizes 4G, 3G, and 2G WiFi, the speed is guaranteed. A Bluetooth connection is also available. Since its founding in 2016, this business has catered to small enterprises. The POS device can be purchased by interested business owners for as little as 25,000 naira.

How To Get The Nomba POS and Become A Nomba Agent

  • Go to the nearest Kudi office to you
  • Collect the form from their agent, fill and submit it
  • Make a payment of 20,000 naira to the office (money is nonrefundable).
  • Nomba POS will then review your application and give a POS Machine to you instantly.

4. Bankly

One of the top POS systems in Nigeria is Bankly POS. It benefits company owners who conduct regular business. Customers can easily make withdrawals with Bankly. Utility bills should be paid promptly and easily. Access services including energy, broadband, cable TV, and airtime.

The Bankly POS terminal costs approximately 30,000 naira and depending on usage, operators can obtain float and overdraft from your Bankly account. Additionally, they have the ability to deposit money into your customers’ bank accounts at the speed of light.

Each withdrawal costs POS operators 0.3%, and all transfers have a set fee of N35.

How to get Bankly POS and Become A Bankly Agent

  • 1.  First, download the ‘Bankly Agent App’ on the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for IOS.
  • 2. Next, sign up on the app by inputting the required KYC details.
  • 3. Once you have successfully created your account, wait for them to verify your registration details.  
  • After your account verification is complete, you can begin various funds transactions. 

5. Paga

Paga is a top mobile payment provider in Nigeria that was established in 2009. It is building an ecosystem to allow people to send and receive money digitally and to provide easy financial access to everyone. It is very easy to become a Paga POS agent.

 They concentrate on making it easier for buyers and sellers to pay, receive payment, and access financial services. In Nigeria, they presently have more than 19 million members.

How to get Paga POS and Become A Paga Agent

  • A verified Identity card such as International Passport, National ID Card, or Voters Card
  • Utility Bill (Nepa Bill)
  • Business License (For Registered business only)
  • BVN
  • Valid Account Number
  • email address