How to solve Boost unavailable Facebook Ad

Having a strong presence on Facebook can help your business because it has 2.9 billion monthly users. But because every user has different preferences, some people will interact with your posts and some people may ignore them. And your page’s fans and followers are also subject to this.

If 500 Facebook people liked your page, it doesn’t necessarily follow that every time you publish a post, it will receive 500 likes, 500 comments, and 500 shares.

Because of this, you should continue to promote your finest posts:

You must get more people to visit your Facebook page!

Why Is Boost Unavailable on Facebook?

It’s quite simple to boost a post because all you have to do is click the Boost post button, choose your goal and budget, and presto! More individuals are now receiving it!

However, keep in mind that you must include a payment method as boosting postings is not free. The good news is that each enhanced post only costs $1 per day!

However, there are instances where boosting is simply impossible. According to Facebook, these are the causes.

Causes of Facebook Boost Unavailable

1. You Can’t Boost a Cover Photo

Ads cannot be created from Cover Photos. We advise you to use your budget to increase the number of ads that promote audience engagement and brand awareness. Upload your cover photo as a new post, then boost it if you want to use it in an advertisement.

How to resolve boost unavailable

  • Visit your Facebook profile. At the top of your Page’s timeline, click Photo.
  • Select Upload Pictures. Upload the image you want to enhance.
  • Include a caption or summary.
  • Click the share now
  • On the new post, click the Boost Post option.
  • Add a post button to your ad to encourage Facebook users to do crucial actions for your company (optional).
  • Choose the audience you want to connect with (you may choose more than one), or click Create New Audience.
  • You may build an audience based on characteristics like age, geography, interests, and more if you select Create New Audience.
  • Toggle the menu below.
  • To choose a budget for your promoted article, add up your budget.
  • To choose a budget for your boosted post, click the dropdown menu next to Total budget.
  • A prefilled budget can be chosen, or you can choose Choose Your Own and enter a bespoke budget.
  • Next to Run this ad until, select a length or insert a custom end date.
  • Choose your preferred method of payment.
  • You will be invited to add a payment option after selecting Boost if there are no payment choices currently available for your account.
  • Verify that the remaining fields are filled out.
  • Select Boost.

2. You Can’t Boost Posts on an Unpublished Page

Only those who have responsibilities on your Facebook page can visit it and see the posts if it is unpublished. In other words, the fact that the page is private prevents the Boost post button from working.

3. You Can’t Boost an Unpublished Post

The goal of boosting is to get the post to show up in the Facebook feeds of people who aren’t in your target demographic. Even if you set a daily budget of $1,000, no one will see your draft post because it is concealed from the general public. Because the Boost post button is meaningless in this situation, Facebook simply disabled it.

4. Shared posts can’t be boosted

The boost feature was created to assist Facebook page owners in promoting their posts in an effort to grow their customer base. By boosting a shared post, you are promoting the author of the original post rather than yourself.

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5. Shared Album can’t be boosted

In the meanwhile, neither your albums nor shared albums can be shared. Post the image on your page and give it a boost if you want to promote a photograph that is currently in an album.

6. You Can’t Boost an Expired Post or Offer

Posts and offers that have expired are essentially useless at this time and do not apply. Just consider what may occur if you used the code 25DISCOUNT to extend a previously valid 25% discount on all products. If the code didn’t work, they would be upset because they expected to spend less.

You’ve just lost a client.

7. You Can’t Boost Live or Scheduled Videos If Your Page Is Unverified

Additional benefits of having a verified Facebook profile include the ability to enhance recorded and live videos. Fill out this form if your page is unverified, then press Send when finished.

Make sure your page is genuine, distinct, comprehensive, and noteworthy. Here you may find out more information about what is needed to achieve the verified badge.

8. You Can’t Boost a Post That Contains a Facebook Click ID

You cannot boost the post unless you remove the Facebook click ID (fbclid=) and all the characters that follow the equal sign from the URL.

such as fbclid=2hdiw7mrir63

9. When You Aren’t a Page Admin, Moderator, Advertiser, or Editor

Maybe you’re an analyst on the page and you can’t boost a post? or a manager of a community? Maybe a follower?

Ask the page’s owner to add you as an editor, moderator, advertiser, or admin so that you can promote.

10. Your Ad Account or Payment Method Is Disabled

Despite the fact that Facebook boosts aren’t actually commercials, they are a type of paid advertising, thus you must link your ad account to a funding source and confirm that it is funded.

11. Your Page Violates Facebook’s Advertising Policies

Facebook must make sure that all of the activities taking place on the platform are real and won’t harm any Facebook users or Facebook itself.

Boost won’t be available if your page or the post is in violation of Facebook’s advertising guidelines.


Running Facebook ad campaigns and boosting posts are two different things, but they don’t differ significantly. Boosting is sufficient to promote your content in order to increase awareness.

However, if running an advertising campaign is part of your marketing strategy, you will get better results. To achieve the required outcomes, you might need to collaborate with a qualified digital marketer because the procedure is more complicated.

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