How much is dollar to naira 2021

We looking at the exchange rate for dollar to naira. How much is the dollar black market rate in Nigeria? A lot of people having different rates based on where they are buying or selling from. We will share how much is the US Dollar (USD) to the Nigerian Naira (NGN) exchange rate.

dollar to naira

Dollar to Naira Exchange Rates

CBN₦ 410.590.00%20/09/2021
Bank – GTBank₦ 461.0015/09/2021
FX Market₦ 411.240.00%20/09/2021
Black Market₦ –
BDC₦ –
Moneygram₦ 378.521.99%02/12/2020
Western Union₦ 380.280.00%02/12/2020
  • Dollar to Naira exchange rate is ₦ 410.59 in CBN, ₦ 461.00 in GTBank, ₦ 411.24 in FX Market, ₦ 378.52 in Moneygram, and ₦ 380.28 in Western Union
  • US Dollar to Naira rate recently moves upwards 0.00% in CBN, 1.99% in Moneygram
  • US Dollar to Naira rate recently moves downwards 0.00% in FX Market
  • Dollar to Naira exchange rate has the lowest value of ₦ 378.52 at Moneygram as of 02/12/2020 among the rates listed in the summary table
  • Dollar to Naira exchange rate has the highest value of ₦ 461.00 at GTBank as of 15/09/2021 among the rates listed in the summary table
  • Most recent Dollar to Naira bank rate is ₦ 461.00 at GTBank as of 15/09/2021
us to naira rate

The impact of the devalued naira on Nigerians will soon spell doom as a friend said.

A comment by a friend reads as follows:

Na we dey take our hand join 9ja Govt devalue the Naira. CBN is trying to regulate the exchange rate by stopping the black market, but yet we are still looking for ways to sell dollars to aboki at N600 to make more gain. I know that people see it as a way of making money with the situation of things in 9ja. But we dey shoot ourselves now because of weytin we won chop today and not thinking of what will happen tomorrow.

In the long run na all of us go suffer am. When you carry a briefcase of Naira to take go buy one loaf of bread like them dey do for Zimbabwe na that time we go understand. All the money we dey save for bank is becoming useless every day if this thing continues. Please, if you need dollars for Business or personal travel, go to the bank and collect BTA or PTA. If dollars are sent to you from abroad, go bank change am.

It may be smaller than what you will get from the black market, but it will help save our Naira in the long run. Let’s stop all these black market things now before it becomes too late and our money becomes rubbish. It may be painful for many to hear this, but it’s the truth.

US Dollar to Naira Overview

United States Dollar (USD), is the most traded currency with Naira in Nigeria.

  • Name: US Dollar
  • Country: United States
  • Currency Code: USD
  • Symbol: $
  • Other names: Dollar
  • Minor: 1 USD equals 100 cent.

Dollar to Naira black market

It is gathered that the cost of the dollar in the black market (Aboki) is now at ₦545 to ₦570

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