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POV: You have been searching for where to get active dollar cards in Nigeria.

 Online shopping has become increasingly difficult due to Nigerian banks struggling with the dollar to naira fluctuations, but we are here to help you. This problem has led to the emergence of some organizations wanting to provide seamless online payments and transactions for Nigerians.

Virtual dollar cards offer you the chance to pay for your Apple, Amazon Prime, Google, Netflix, and other online subscriptions. You can also easily shop on Aliexpress, Shein, and other online shopping stores.

In this article, you will discover the best and most active dollar cards for your online needs in 2023.

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What is a Virtual Dollar Card?

A virtual dollar card is a card that offers you a secure way to pay in dollars($) online. These cards are only available online and can only be used via the service provider’s app. 

It is a lot easier to obtain than a virtual card since they are mainly used for online transactions. Virtual cards do not have any online restrictions. You can load them only in dollars. To achieve this, you will need to make a naira deposit and convert it to dollars.

The fact that you do not need to visit a bank to obtain virtual dollar cards is one advantage. You can obtain a virtual $1 card with a smartphone app. In contrast to a physical dollar card that may be used at any Nigerian bank for payments, obtaining a virtual dollar card is also simple. But before you can get the card, you must have a domiciliary, which can be difficult because of the documentation requirements.

How To Get a USA Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria

It is quite easy to get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria as there are quite a number of startups that provide that service. Here are some of the companies you can get a virtual dollar card from:

1. Chippercash

Chipper Cash virtual dollar card

Chipper Cash which was founded by Ham Serunjogi and Maijid Moujaled in 2014, is a fintech company that provides money solutions to the African market. Chipper currently runs its own virtual card platform. 

The Chipper Cash virtual dollar card allows you to make online transactions and payments in dollars. It can be accessed on both Android and IOS devices in Nigeria. One of its biggest features is the security. Your funds and payments are secured from fraudulent transactions. 

You cannot lose this card, nor can it be stolen because it is a virtual card and not a physical one. To get the Chipper Cash virtual card, you need to have an account with Chipper Cash. Simply go to the Google play store or Apple Store and download the Chipper Cash app for free. 

2. Barter card by Flutterwave

Barter virtual dollar card

Barter is an app created by Flutterwave that allows you to send and receive money internationally. The Barter virtual dollar card was created by Flutterwave to solve international transactions that Nigerians would like to make in dollars. 

All you need to do is download the Barter app and fund it with your Nigerian bank debit card. Barter offers low fees and competitive rates for naira to dollar conversions. You, however, are not allowed to do online trading, transact on betting websites or make cryptocurrency purchases. You are free to load your virtual card with at least $5, and you will be charged a monthly fee of $1.

3. Payoneer

Payoneer virtual dollar card

Payoneer is popular amongst freelancers who like to receive international payments from outside Nigeria. It is reliable, fast, and secure for many freelancers. You can easily create a virtual dollar card on it, but you must have at least $100 in payments received to your Payoneer account.

An annual fee is charged on your dollar card, which is $29.95. The awesome thing about Payoneer is that you can get a virtual or physical dollar card. Even though it might cost you a bit, it is one of the most reliable fintech companies in the world.

4. Payday

Payday virtual dollar card

As a new Fintech startup, Payday has become increasingly popular due to its ability to solve dollar transaction issues in Nigeria. It offers both Visa and Mastercard virtual dollar cards, and also USA bank accounts to its users.

All you need to do is to download the Payday app and register. It is as simple as that, and you can be sure to rely on its fast and secure online transaction services. You can get the card for free, but you must be a verified user. 

Users are permitted to make transactions of up to $25 000 monthly.

5. Changera

Changera virtual dollar card

Changera is a fintech app built by the crypto platform Bitmama in 2021 to challenge the dollar payment issues faced by Nigerians. You can create a virtual bank account and virtual dollar card on the app. It, however, charges a fee annually per plan. The freelancer plan is $50, while the premium plan is $100. 

The free plan is open to users who wish to create virtual dollar cards, but if you want to create a virtual account in USD or GBP, you will need to subscribe to any of its paid plans.

6. Geegpay

Geegpay virtual dollar card

Raenest created Geegpay as a payment platform for freelancers in Africa. It allows you to receive payments internationally. You can create a virtual dollar card and account for free. Its virtual dollar card, however, costs $2. 

Geegpay is an amazing fintech platform for freelancers who would like to convert their dollars to naira. The transaction on Geegpay is seamless and secure.

7. Alat Virtual Dollar Card

Alat virtual dollar card

Alat was created by Wema Bank, a Nigerian commercial bank. It offers a virtual dollar MasterCard that you can use to make your online international transactions in dollars. It is very easy and fast to create a virtual account on Alat. 

You cannot transfer dollars from your virtual card or to it. You can only use it for online transactions. It is widely accepted by the likes of Netflix, Google, Apple, and Amazon.

8. EverSend

Eversend Virtual dollar card

Eversend is a fintech company based in Uganda. It offers multi-currency accounts to many African countries, including Nigeria.

You can download the app and register for a virtual dollar card. It costs $1 dollar to create the card, and you are charged $1 for monthly charges. 

9. Fundall

Fundall virtual dollar card

As a digital bank based in Nigeria, Fundall provides services such as savings and loans. You can also plan your budget on the app. You can get a virtual dollar card on the Fundall app, which is available to both Android and IOS users. 

You are permitted to load the virtual dollar card with nothing less than $5. 

10. Bitsika

Bitsika virtual dollar card

You can send and receive money using the naira, cedis, CFA francs, several cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, and the Bitsika app, which is available in Nigeria and other French-speaking African nations. 

Then, with a pricey 8% fee, you may use a virtual Visa debit card to make purchases.

11. WalletsAfrica

WalletsAfrica Virtual dollar card

As a Nigerian-based fintech startup, WalletsAfrica provides both physical Nigerian cards and virtual dollar cards. Their card services are powered by UBA Bank in Nigeria. If you enjoy traveling and think physical dollar cards are inappropriate for your needs, virtual dollar cards can be useful.

This does come at a cost, though, since your card has a $1 monthly fee, a $0.75 fee for each international transaction, and a 2% fee for external account loading.

12. Eyowo

Eyowo virtual dollar card

As a fintech startup, Eyowo is a digital bank that allows its users to send and receive money as well as pay bills using their phone numbers. You don’t always need to utilize your ATM card when using Eyowo to obtain physical cash.

You can also purchase an Eyowo virtual dollar card on this site for as little as $1, and there is no funding cap on it.

13. Carbon

Carbon virtual dollar card

Formerly a digital lender, Carbon has evolved into one of Nigeria’s leading digital banks.  Carbon is currently available for a variety of payments and transactions. This covers bill payments, money transfers, quick loans, etc.

Users of Carbon can use their virtual dollar cards to make purchases at online international trade platforms and other physical locations that accept such cards. The Getcarbon virtual card review highlights a degree of comfort in utilizing this platform for domestic and international payments.


Virtual dollar cards are excellent substitutes for cash when buying things online. This is so that you can make unrestricted payments for your favorite things like Apple Music, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Aliexpress, and Shien using this virtual card.

Chipper Cash, Payooner, Payday, Carbon, and Eyowo are some of the best virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria. Enjoy your seamless and secure online purchases. If you have any questions, kindly shoot us an email at or comment right below.

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