There are some issues after installing the Google ad code on your site and discovering that the ads not showing on such website. Our post on 4 Reasons Why Ads Do Not Show On The Website, it may be due to technical issues. Sometimes it can be caused by publishers’ own actions on their website and its content. 

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This post explains 4 reasons why Google ads not showing on your site for those that use a monetization platform. Moreover, it also covers the most common problems that Google ads publishers face regarding ad serving. Ever asked yourself the question – why ads not showing on my website?

1. Defer Parsing of JavaScript

Another issue that can cause your ads not to show on your site/blog is Defer parsing of JavaScript. Defer parsing of JavaScript is one that comes in when it comes to website speed optimization.

Browsers begin to render a site’s HTML, CSS and Javascripts from top to bottom when a user visits. When it finds JavaScript files, it fetches and parses them first, taking extra website loading time and harming the user experience.

Defer here means ‘postponing’ the download and parsing of JavaScript until the web site’s main content has finished loading. 

Now we know that ad tags are built using JavaScript, this method modifies the code inside them. For ads to work properly, they need to be delivered at a certain moment and in a certain sequence. Because the moment when the JavaScript should load has been modified, a user might see a blank space instead of an ad. 

Do you need to remove defer javascript from your optimization process? No! We are not saying to remove it but there is a way around it. You can fix this manually by adjusting the code. However, there are also other ways to improve the website speed.

2. More Than One Header Bidding

A lot of times, publishers may wish to test which header bidding solution will increase the ad revenue the most. It can cause complications in some cases thereby may result in ads appearing broken or not showing. 

3. Adjusting Tags

This part consists of the ad tags which are–<iframe> element and <script> element. Sometimes, publishers may change the sequence of the elements or divide them into two parts. This can interfere with the HTML code and prevent the ads from showing. 

Besides, older WordPress plugin or outdated WordPress theme can modify attributes inside the ad code thereby causing ad delivery errors. 

4. Minification of JavaScript

Minification is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from a source code such as whitespaces, line breaks, comments, etc. This is to shorten the code that consumes fewer browser resources to download.

JavaScript minification is recommended to help improve the website’s loading speed. However, because ad tags are built using JavaScript, they can sometimes cause ad execution problems. You need to add the ad tag exactly on the page where the ads should appear. Moreover, debugging minified JavaScript is a tedious task. 

Minified JS Example

What to Do if Google AdSense is Not Showing Ads?

As a publisher, if you are confrnted with this issue, check if it is not as a result of policy violation or related to content.

So, what should you do if Google Ads is not showing ads? 

Check the ads.txt

Ads.txt is an IAB initiative that allows you declare authorized sellers of your ad inventory. Google uses ads.txt to determine which sellers are allowed to display ads on a publisher’s website. 

When a site does not have the publisher ID, the auction for an ad request won’t run, and you will lose your ad revenue. We recommend that publishers add an ads.txt file to their website to show ads. 

• Get Ads approval

The first thing to do is to check if you are not violating any Google ad policy on your blog. If Google finds one or more policy violations on your site, your site won’t be eligible to display ads. Among the numerous reasons why websites don’t get approved is if your website has duplicate content. 

Another reason why Google Ads is not accepting your website is insufficient content. For instance, sites with mostly images or videos may also not be approved to show ads. 

If you wish to know more, you may check Ads Program Policies to know whether your website/blog doesn’t have any violating experiences. Then re-submit your Ads application and wait for the approval.

Fix Google penalty

For sites with suspicious practices like phishing, spammy downloads, or malware, Google can hide your website from search or label such site as dangerous to users. Most times, publishers may not realize they have engaged in bad practices. 


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All hope is not lost as there are possible ways to fix some of the problem and request a review, it usually takes around 30 days (or more) for Google to recrawl your website and remove any labelings. Also, it may affect your search ranking for quite some time.

It is advisable to implement white hat SEO techniques only and when in doubt kindly refer to Google Webmaster Quality guidelines to avoid getting a Google penalty. 

You can check Google adsense policy guideline

In conclusion, there are a lot of factors that may result in ads not showing on your website. You can get services from firs like us to help you in solving technical issues becuase you may not have the technical-know-how to solve the problem yourself.

With the points enumerated above, trust you now know what and why ads dont show on your site. Trust this post was helpful? Kindly share with the social button below