Best web designers in Lagos, Nigeria

Your website is to attract and engage the user, and communicate your brand. You need a wonderful website that is result driven. We flow from concept and strategy, to design and implementation, to bring your new website vision to life. Our websites are designed with aesthetics and search engine in mind. It is user and search engine friendly.

Ecommerce websites

The power to sell products online and monitor sales and inventory

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Payment gateways

You can receive payment for your sales transactions conveniently

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Ui/UX Design

We can simplify complex web projects into simple user journeys for personas

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Shopify websites

A simple approach to ecommerce website deployment

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WordPress develoment

We can create advanced blogging and content heavy websites with WordPress

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Ui/UX Design

We can simplify complex web projects into simple user journeys for personas

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What to look out for in a Web designers agency

Website designed to adopt beautifully across all devices – desktops, tablets, and mobile

Our websites are designed with aesthetics and search engine in mind. It is user and search engine friendly.

We take cognizance of web loading time and as such design our web with fast loading time in mind.

Developing first class solutions for our clients.

Website Design FAQ

What is web hosting?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web

Are your websites Search engine optimized?

Our websites are built with good SEO implemented right from the beginning of planning the architecture to deployment of the website and launching to search engine.

Do you build websites with a CMS?

Yes! Most of our websites are built with CMSs like Joomla, WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, Woocommerce, Wix, Big commerce, Shopify, and so on. We also build custom website from scratch.

After the website is launched, do you provide support and maintenance?

We let your business have the option of retaining our services for administration, support and maintenance. Putting us on retainer ship enables us to manage website updates and security threats on our end without disruption.

Do you handle international website design contracts ?

Yes we do. We employ communicating online tools like zoom and monitoring progress with project management tools like Trello to facilitate handling website design projects from all around the world easy.

Who owns the domain name for my website?

It is fully yours even if the website's domain name was bought for you by our agency. Even If you bought it and shared it for web development it still belongs to you. We are happy to transfer full domain ownerships to you as soon as our contract with you is completed.

I have an old company website that is outdated, can you help me redesign it?

Yes, we can help you redesign your website. We will build your new site with imported text, images and video from your old website or alternatively provide you with fresh content.

How long does it take to build a website?

This depends on the nature and complexity of your web scope. A site with 100 pages will take a longer time to build than a simple corporate website. Typically it takes us 6 to 10 weeks to build from scratch to launch. Factors that cause delay at times include testing and content creation.

I only need a simple website for my business, can you build it?

What you need is a brochure website. These types of websites are designed mainly for businesses and nonprofit organizations. They are usually used by corporations to highlight their products and services.

What type of websites do you create?

We employ technologies like custom php websites, JS React websites and Content Management System enabled websites with WordPress and Joomla to build Ecommerce websites, Newspaper websites, Food delivery websites, crowdfunding websites, church websites, real estate websites, Insurance websites, banking websites, School portal and Hospital websites

Do you offer fixed prices for web design?

No! we offer both fixed and variable prices for website design. We have websites with fixed specifications and have fixed quotes. The price only changes when specifications are added or website design brief changes.

When do I pay for the web design?

An initial deposit of 60% of the total website quotation (depends on specifications). We also allow installment payment for the remaining 40% of the cost.

I lost contact with my former website designer, can you take over the website?

Yes, we can. We can migrate your website to a new server and continue with web design and administration. In situations when you cannot reach your former designer, we could help you recreate the old website on a different web host.

Who are the best web designers in lagos

We can boldly say we are among the best website developers in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. Our jobs speak for us. We are agile and deliver when expected