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Social Media Advertising Our strategy

Our strategy that is commited to making brands shine with a reputation In recent times now, the fastest and most effective way to reach and connect with your target audience is to use the social media ads. Running ads provide ample of profitable opportunities and a great way to boost your digital marketing campaigns.


Our ads is directed to reach the right people with the right message across multiple social channels with our social media advertising service.


This can help you reach new customers on and off of Facebook and drive real results for your business.

Instagram Ads

This gives you an opportunity to create well-rounded campaigns for users at all stages of the funnel, more effectively build brand awareness and driving conversions at the same time.

Twitter Ads

This gives you opportunity to build awareness, drive consideration, or getting people to convert or take action.

Linkedin Ads

We can generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness with LinkedIn Ads. Target professionals by job title, function, industry, and more. 2x higher engagement. 3.5x higher CVR for B2B

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Result-Driven Social Media Advertising

We stick to the rules of social media marketing in Nigeria, we deliver result oriented ads
to target audience based on business/organizations objectives.

Verifiable results

Our Social Advertising

We have the skillset that is dedicated to
helping your business grow on Social media.

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We have the skillset that is dedicated to helping your business grow on Social media.

  • Identify goals
  • Choose your target audience and platform
  • Create content and structure your campaign
  • Plan your budget
  • Track and measure your results
  • Improve and optimize


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Facebook & Instagram

 3 Motion Creative Ad Design

Ad Content Creation

Target Audience Research

Campaign Optimization

1 Revision 

No Analytical Ad Report




Facebook & Instagram

4 Motion Creative Ad Design

Ad Content Creation

Target Audience Research

Campaign Optimization

2 Revision 

No Analytical Ad Report




Facebook, Instagram & X

6 Motion Creative Ad Design

Ad Content Creation

Target Audience Research

Campaign Optimization

3 Revision 

Analytical Ad Report




Facebook, Instagram, X & Linkedin

10 Motion Creative Ad Design

Ad Content Creation

Target Audience Research

Campaign Optimization

5 Revision 

Analytical Ad Report

Social Media Platforms for Diverse Business Niches and Needs:

Result Driven Facebook Advertising

What Our Agency Can Do for You with Facebook Advertising:

To help you establish your Facebook advertising plan and talk about your campaign goals, our Facebook advertising company arranges a launch meeting with your team. We begin by launching a customized Facebook ad campaign based on your detailed targeting specifications after we've resolved your Facebook advertising objectives and demands. Additionally, Facebook Pixel (an analytics tool) is set up on your website by our Facebook ad management experts so you can simply follow visitor behavior after viewing your ads.

Result Driven Instagram Advertising

What Our Advertising Agency on Instagram Can Offer You:

We use Instagram Insights to measure the effectiveness of your content and profile activity before launching an Instagram advertising campaign that builds the value of your brand. In order to help you reach your objectives, our social media advertising firm decides on your ad target (such as app installs, store visitors, or brand awareness), where to place it, how much to spend on it, when to run it, and which Instagram ad style is best.

Result Driven X (Twitter) Advertising

What You Can Get from Our Twitter Advertising Plan:

Our campaign managers for Twitter ads create your account, choose your advertising goal (such as reach, website clicks, app re-engagements, etc.), create your ad group, and decide on your bidding strategy. To guarantee a seamless Twitter ad campaign execution, our professionals will select your ad placement, refine your audience targeting settings, and write clear, captivating copy.

Result Driven Linkedin Advertising

What Our Agency Can Do for You with LinkedIn Ads:

Our social media marketing company is dedicated to helping you reach your LinkedIn advertising objectives and establish your industry expertise. We use industry-specific features such as company name, industry, or job function, to define your targeting and help you reach your prospective clients and drive them further along the conversion funnel. We also write captivating ad language and include a clear call to action.

Result Driven TikTok Advertising

What You Can Get from Our TikTok Advertising Plan:

TikTok advertising services are offered by our social media advertising agency on an individual basis. To determine where TikTok advertising fits into your marketing strategy, we conduct a thorough market analysis and evaluate your current social media and advertising techniques. In addition, our team of social media advertising services provides professional advice to assist you in selecting the ideal TikTok ad for your brand.


Why Choose Digiconceptng for Your Social Media Advertising?

Profitable Advertising Goals

Our Facebook and social media ad agency specialists will arrange a first meeting with your team for discussion regarding your current goals, targets, and strategies for social media advertising. We develop smart, practical advertising goals based on our conversation, which are in line with your marketing needs and financial capabilities.

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Transparent Analysis of Data

To make sure you understand where your money is going, we give you comprehensive reports on everything from your first campaign audit to your monthly campaign performance. We grant you access to our client portal so you may monitor your performance at any time and assess the effectiveness of your social media advertising.

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Motivated Social Media Marketing Specialist

Thrive is a group of social media advertising specialists with experience in managing campaigns across several platforms. We designate a dedicated account representative to oversee your campaign, who you can reach out to directly for prompt assistance with any queries or issues.

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Multiple Advertising Strategies

We stay abreast of the most recent developments in the business and changes to social media algorithms to guarantee that your paid social media advertising plan yields successful outcomes. More significantly, in order to maintain a steady flow of leads and conversions for your company, we constantly look for new advertising opportunities.

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Tracking and Reporting on Campaigns

Maintaining a high return on advertising spend (ROAS) and tracking effectiveness are the two most difficult aspects of social media advertising. In order to get the best outcomes possible, we consistently improve your social media accounts and work hard to adapt any tracking systems that are possible.

Expert Consultations
Professional Counsel

Even if your in-house team manages your sponsored social media advertising initiatives, do they still require specialized training? We have social media managers on hand to help your team with social media direction. To get your team moving in the right direction, we offer training and consultancy.