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17 Signs You Need Change Your Web Hosting Company

Change Your Web Hosting

Today we will share with you the signs that show you need to change your web hosting provider. Good hosting provides your website with security, speed uptime, and fast download. When your hosting company cannot give you all that is listed in this post, then you need to change your web hosting company fast. You can find the best web hosting providers and the factors to consider in selecting your hosting provider.

Change Your Web Hosting

Why You Need Change Your Web Hosting Company

Here are 17 signs you picked the wrong hosting company, and we trust at the end of this post, know more and how to solve the issues that brought you here.

1. Frequent Downtime

This is one of the major factors to consider in making a choice of web hosting provider as to when your website experiences periodic downtime, it means you will be offline and when visitors search for you at such downtime, they won’t find you. Some websites have a downtime of hours, days, weeks, and even months.

This downtime can also affect your search engine ranking because when people click your link on the search and do not find your site, they will be discouraged and Google takes note of this as a bad user experience and may bring your site ranking down.

You need a provider such as Verpex which will take care of any issues immediately so you won’t experience downtime. 

2. Slow loading time

There are many reasons why a website will load slowly. It could be due to

  • poor web/page optimization
  • Too many clients on one server
slow loading time

If it is due to poor page optimization, this can cause a slow loading time of your web pages. In a situation when your site is fully optimized you still experiencing slow loading time, then it is a good sign to change your hosting company to a better one.

3. Limited Bandwidth Allocation

Bandwidth or data transfer is the amount of data downloaded from the webserver over the subscribed period of time.

There are hosting plans that offer an “unlimited bandwidth plan” but with some sort of “fair usage policy,” that could limit your use.

A hosting plan with limited Bandwidth allocation can affect the productivity of your website as you get 509 errors which can lead to your site going down and this, in turn, affects your SEO, SEM, and other online campaigns.

Thus, it is important that you read the hosting company’s policy carefully to know your bandwidth limit and to know what additional bandwidth charges would incur if you exceeded your monthly quota, so as to avoid being over-charged.

4. Non-User-friendly Control Panel

As a webmaster, one of the things you need is web hosting with a Cpanel that is easy to navigate through. If the Cpanel is not a user-friendly one, then it is a sign of a bad hosting company. This is usually with the free web hosting companies.

A Control panel (cPanel) enables you to manage your site’s operating system and provide access to various features helpful in running the site smoothly.

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6. Insufficient Storage Space

There is always a specific amount of web disk storage space allocated on the server by the hosting provider. The amount of disk or storage space that you need greatly depends on the type of website you are running and as your business/site grows, you are going to need more database storage space.

Hence, if your hosting provider is unable to cater to your storage needs or they have limited server facilities, it is a good sign to source for a new company before it hurts your web visibility and productivity.

7. Poor Security Features

On the web today, you need a hosting provider with top-notch security features to help secure your website. Your host must offer features like anti-virus software, firewall protection, anti-malware applications etc,. Anything short of these, please consider moving to another host. If you don’t want to risk losing important data or getting hacked on the Internet.

8. Inadequate Backup Features

The need for a Backup is very important in the event your site crashes or gets hacked. If you are using a web host that doesn’t offer regular site backups or even weekly backups, then it is a clear sign to seek for a new web host company, as incidents happen and without proper backup, your business might suffer a huge loss. We have been a victim of this and we lost all our site data.

web host storage

You could install WordPress plugins such as BackUpWordPress or BackupBuddy that help you to take a backup of your entire website including database and files.

9. Lack of Essential Features

Your hosting package is vital to the kind of features you can get. If you are on shared hosting, ensure to know the features available to the package you have chosen.

However, if you are paying top money and still have limited access to important features such as email, PHP scripts, etc, or don’t have access to some of the services you want to use, then you need to find a new host that fits your needs and requirements.

10. Lack of Server Maintenance & Monitoring

It is important for your hosting company to perform server maintenance and monitoring. This involves updating server software, examining security features, assessing hard disk space, and so on, so as to ensure the smooth functioning of a computer network.

If they do not perform periodic server maintenance and monitoring, this can turn small server failures into server disasters.

Thus, a hosting provider that doesn’t offer regular server maintenance is a bad omen to your site.

11. Lack of SSL Support

The SSL is a term for Secure Sockets Layer. The web host must offer an SSL certificate as this helps prevent hackers from spying on sensitive data, such as user information, credit card details, etc., thereby ensuring all information that is passed between your site server and your visitor’s browser is safe and secured.

HTTPS is good for SEO and tells Google that your site is secured and helps to boost ranking. Therefore, if your hosting provider doesn’t offer this essential feature, please move your site to another hosting company.

12. Terrible Customer Support

A good web hosting company provides a 24/7 and 365 days support system via phone, email, and chat. I once changed hosting company because of poor customer support. There are times you need their tech support and if this is lacking, it is a clear sign to change. Having great support that responds back quickly and answers all your queries is important.

13. Inexplicable Charges

Ensure to use a web hosting company with a transparency charge. If you notice additional charges to your billing statement, that you are unaware of, contact your host provider immediately.

When you are charged without any notice or payment you know of, it is a sure sign of a bad web host and if the company is unable to provide you with a valid reason as to what these extra charges are for, kindly look for another hosting company.

14. Exorbitant Fees to Upgrade

It is a good practice to upgrade from one plan to another on your hosting. IT is a bad hosting company that will charge you an exorbitant price to upgrade.

A good web host is always available to help its customers in expanding their business. Thus, if your web host company is charging you a high amount, for the same service & features, with a bit more space and bandwidth, then it’s best to search for another web host.

15. Limited MySQL Databases

Whatever you need to do on your web be it installing new software or downloading a web application, you require databases for it to function.

A web host that places restrictions on the MySQL database limits your ability to integrate new technology on your website and prevents you from increasing the growth of your business.

Either you choose a package on your host with sustainable MySQL or if it does not offer you what you need then you need to search for a new hosting company.

16. Ineffective Email Spam Filters

Email Spam can be a security threat to your website. Your host should provide adequate anti-spam tools such as SpamAssassin or the use of other effective technology that prevents hackers from phishing or embedding malicious software in your system.

17. Doesn’t Offer Auto Script Installer

Things have changed drastically as nowadays people can even build websites without coding knowledge. To do this you need the Auto Script Installer. This makes the installation of various web applications such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla easy.

This is a one-click solution that permits you to create a blog or a website, even if you have no code or HTML experience, and thus, if your hosting provider doesn’t offer you this service, just switch your web host.


It is good to constantly monitor your hosting so as to know the state of well-being of your site. This post was borne out of the experience we have had recently with our Nigerian hosting.

Keeping a track of your site’s uptime, backups, software update and so on will help you to detect small signs before it goes out of hand.

Hence, if you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above, it is a clear sign to port to a new better hosting company tested and trusted.

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