This is still working. I came to update this post as some folks complained it was not working. Truly it was suspended by MTN but it is working now and I am using it currently just to be sure it is working before coming here to update this post. The code has changed so read through to see what has been modified as the awoof data plan is still working.

Data is life. There is virtually nothing you do now without the use of data. As almost everything is done online. You need data to visit your favorite social media, stream #BBN and watch your favorite YouTube videos. You can use MTN 1GB Data for 200 naira to watch your favorite videos and download that large file without fear of data management. The MTN data plan 200 for 1GB is amazing to surf the net and do lots of amazing things online

mtn 1gb data for 200

MTN has come with wonderful data packages that benefit its users. There is the daily, weekly, and monthly data plans depending on your budget.

Here is this awoof 1Gb data for ₦200 and it can be used for downloading, uploading, and even streaming videos, music, football, and so on.

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It works seamlessly for those with 4G LTE-enabled SIM cards.

The data bundle is for both Android Smartphones, Blackberry Smartphones, iPad, iPhones, Windows, PC system as well as other bigger handheld devices. MTN has some data plans that are mouth-watering but most people complain about the volatility of the data gotten from MTN Nigeria.

This is because other network providers like 9mobile (Etisalat), Airtel, and  Glo have been enticing their subscribers with the yafun-yafun data bundle package.

Although this service can luckily work out for those who frequently recharge their Sim card. However, if this data plan is used up before the completion of the 7days, it can be renewed again through the normal activation process.

How To Activate MTN 1GB Data for ₦200

Simple ways to activate the 1GB for 200 Naira MTN data plan.

  1. Ensure you have a minimum of ₦200 airtime on the MTN Simcard to be used for the data subscription.
  2. Just dial the code *131#
  3. Select 9 as an option in the dialogue box that appears.
  4. Select 2 which is “Data 4 Me”
  5. Now select 2 again
  6. and select option 1 to activate the MTN 1GB data for 200 naira

A lot has changed but it is like changing the game but the players are still the same.

How To Be Eligible for 1GB MTN Data for ₦200

To be eligible to subscribe for the mtn 1gb for 200 naira, you need to migrate to MTN Deal Zone. Simply dial *559*65# to confirm. That’s how to be eligible for 1GB data plan.

Some discoveries were that the plan was made for “RunAway Customers”. That is MTN users that abandoned their sim cards for 30days or more. No recharge, no data purchase. Another Eligibility status required is that you must have recharged your MTN Sim (line) within the past 30 days.

  • Insert the SIM on your phone.
  • Recharge your line with ₦200
  • Now, dial *131# and look for “Hot deals” which is option 9
  • Reply with 2 to select the “dataforme” option and enter 2 again to select the 1Gigabyte plan.

How To Check MTN 1gb for 200 Balance

  • Dial *559*47#

MTN 1GB for 200 Naira (₦200) must be used within 7 days (1 week) and becomes invalid after the 7days. The Mtn 1Gb for ₦200 does not work for all MTN users.

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