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Will AI Replace Copywriters And Content Writers in 2023?

Artificial Intelligence

Is AI really going replace copywriters and content writers?

Artificial Intelligence has been causing quite a frenzy on the internet, with many copywriters and content writers considering it a threat to their means of livelihood. In fact, it has posed a significant threat to them because companies are now using AI writing tools to replace copywriters and content writers.

 But would AI really take over their jobs?

The simple yet confusing answer is, Yes and No.

AI writing tools like Chat GPT, Bard, and Dalle.2 have become quite popular in recent times, and believe it or not, AI is here to stay and is not going away anytime soon.

In this article, we will discuss whether AI can or will replace copywriters and content writers now or soon.

Is AI Going To Take Over Copywriting?


It is a known truth that copywriter jobs are being replaced by AI on a global scale. There have been quite some debates on this topic on the internet. However, it is untrue that AI can replace copywriters anytime soon.

Let’s clarify that artificial Intelligence can never take over writers’ jobs, especially replace copywriters. Humans will always write more expressive, imaginative, and entertaining content. AI is never going to replace copywriters and content writers for now because it lacks empathy and creativity.

Previously, if a small business owner required the services of a copywriter, they would simply ask, but now most people have turned to specific AI writing tools like Chat GPT and Jasper AI to assist them as a writer.

This new development is not bad in itself. AI writing tools can only help you in creating content for your business. But how can you maximize that content and drive traffic to your sites to increase revenue if you do not hire the services of a professional copywriter?

It would help if you had creativity and empathy in your copy. Your copy needs to have a soul to drive customers to your website. AI can make a good copy but not a great one like a good copywriter. You will always need to hire the services of  a professional copywriter

AI-powered copywriting tools will on get better with time, and it is up to professional copywriters to use them to their advantage. 

Is AI Going To Take Over Content Writing?

content writing

As we all know, copywriting and content writing differ. Just like AI cannot replace copywriters, it also cannot take over the jobs of content wirters just yet.

Google explicitly excludes AI writing from its guidelines. 

If you’re a business owner thinking about adopting AI-driven writing tools to speed up your content generation and you care about Google seeing the product, be aware that AI content could harm your efforts.

We recently came across a job posting on LinkedIn for the role of a content writer in a big Nigerian firm, and in the critical responsibilities section, the writer would need to know how to use AI tools to enhance content creation. The requirements were also baffling as the writer would need to adapt and use ChatGPT and GPT4 subscriptions guidelines quickly. 

Companies are now embracing writers using ChatGPT to aid their content and not shying away from the fact that it could be a valuable tool for the writer. 

What has changed? Have employers now become more lenient with AI writing tools?

Some businesses want writers to use AI writing tools as assistants, while others do not.

Many AI tools are available to writers that could assist them in their content creation journey. These AI writing tools can also prove beneficial to business owners alike. 

We believe that business owners can collaborate with expert writers to use these AI writing tools to their benefit.

What Are AI Writing Tools and How Do They Work?

AI writing

Artificial Intelligence makes use of deep learning and natural language processing to make up the best sales copy and content for any business.

AI writing tools generate texts based on the user’s prompt. One of the differences between AI written content and human written content is speed. AI can generate written content at a rate humans can never. There are quite a number of AI writing tools like jasper ai, copysmith, copyai, outranking, Rytr among a few others.

Basically, these AI tools learn from human data to give out information like humans. The engineering of these tools still needs to be improved and are being improved over time, with different versions being released often. 

Some content marketing industry experts believe AI will replace low-quality and non-expert writers, while others think it will turn copywriters and content writers into editors. Anna Wang, the CTO and Co-founder of Copysmith, believes that AI writing tools will soon become the industry standard, but they can never replace the human touch in writing that makes it so creative, strategic, and unique. 

Moreso, a lecturer at The Ohio State University who specializes in digital transformation, Mike Fulton, gives his opinion on ChatGPT. He claims that it is a terrific tool for all types of businessmen to face one of the most challenging obstacles in writing: crafting a first draft.  

We believe AI-powered writing tools can significantly assist writers who have creative blocks or need help getting through the first draft of their work.

Five Reasons Why AI Will Not Replace Copywriters and Content Writers

Using AI writing tools as a business owner will definitely save you money and help you generate ideas, but AI cannot replace highly skilled writers. You will always need them, and here are reasons why AI cannot replace copywriters and content writers.

replace copywriter

1. Authentic Copy and Content

AI writing tools like Chat GPT and Jasper AI make use of what they’ve learned from human writers to give out their own content. It is never original content but copied and repurposed to fit the answers to your prompts.

If you’re utilizing AI to generate marketing copy, the end goal is to turn your prospects into customers. That’s a job that only a professional copywriter can handle. AI cannot integrate experiences or connect incidents with human emotion, which is what copywriting is all about.

Familiar copy and content are not what gets you customers but authentic and original copy and content. Copywriting and content writing to help you create content with your customers or potential customers. 

A business that uses AI-powered writing tools will have a monotonous and unoriginal tone to its content or copy.

No business owner likes plagiarized content and would avoid it at any cost. You will always need a skilled writer to help you navigate how to edit your AI-written copy and content or come up with an original written piece.

2. Fact-Checking

AI cannot think for itself. Hence it is subject to giving out false and misleading information. AI’s use of its Natural Language Processing that allows it to process a lot of information can make it very vulnerable to misinformation and disinformation.

AI writing tools do not double-check or fact-check the information they give out. It only gives what it finds. Human writers can fact-check written content to make sure it provides accurate information. 

3. Editing 

Editing is one of the most stressful processes when it comes to writing. AI writing tools cannot edit as perfectly as humans would.

Its written content would always sound monotonous and unoriginal. Human writers have humor, emotions, creativity, and empathy to include in their writing style. 

When AI constructs a sentence, it does not edit or proofread it; instead, it assembles a collection of randomized words. 

4. Content Marketing and Strategy

Content marketing involves consistent content you do for your business on a daily basis. It could be writing an ebook, scheduling social media posts, blogging, or vlogging daily. 

Content marketing will always need exceptional content that will stand out to your audience.

Content marketing is more than just collecting words relating to a topic; this material is tailored to a specific demographic and helps your company appear more credible so consumers perceive your content as superior. 

Your business should never be over-dependent on AI.

5. SEO( Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization helps in making website content recognized by search engines such as Google and Bing and allows it to rank on the search engine ranking page(SERP). The importance of SEO for business owners cannot be overemphasized.

Artificial Intelligence does not incorporate SEO best practices when writing. You will be sacrificing quality over quantity when using AI.  AI writing tools can give you content in a matter of seconds, and you can edit in minutes. But it would always be quantity over quality. Google even advises against using AI-written content.

 Also, it is possible that another person can use the same kind of AI-written content or copy you publish, and you would never know. It is best to focus on providing quality over quantity. Your content will drive traffic and generate revenue.

Backlinks and Internal links are essential to link building when writing content. Only someone skilled in SEO content writing, not an AI robot. 

AI will not take over human writers’ copywriting and content writing business anytime soon.

Wrapping Up

Artificial Intelligence, in its entirety, is not wrong and cannot take away people’s jobs. It simply cannot replace copywriters and content writers overnight. Instead, it is here to make our lives easier. 

Copywriters and content writers do not need to fret but rather upskill. It is a very helpful tool to any copywriter or content writer, and as a business owner, you need the aid of human writers to help you on your content journey.

Later in the future, we are going to see people work alongside AI rather than AI taking over their means of livelihood.

Let’s know your thoughts! Please shoot us an email!

PS: This content was completely human-written and had no help from any AI writing tools *winks*